Thursday, September 24, 2009

swimming in india ink - black and white

would have liked to start off this post with something like "hey guys sorry i havent posted in a while" but lets be honest right now, no ones following this thing, and i dont suppose any of you would be up in arms if i didnt post for a while. regardless i believe in bespok. sorry that i dont have direct tags on some of the images, i just found most of them on google, but enjoy:

these first two illustration above are hauntingly cute, check out more bildmekanik illustrations on here. you'll also find celeb interpretations of chloe and mary kate.

above: Anna Karina

Above: Serge and Jane. basically pretty much were the king and queen of france in the 60s.

above: just an awesome image, the snow, the dress, the pistols, the umbrellas. just drawing their pistols out on a snowy december day. how lovely of them

above: Lauren Hutton

above:Diana Vreeland

the beautiful gena rowland, those eyes, those pjs

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  1. love the gena rowlands picture ..makes me wonder what she's looking at? a script?