Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Not your run of the mill children's film...

welcome to b e s p o k, "bespoke" was taken so yeah, this is my first post..weird...ok basically what i wanna bring u guys is a contractual marriage between, music, fashion, culture and whatever the eff else i got on my mind with as much tailoring and editing as a men's custom suit, so just bear with me kids, i dont usually stay committed to anything so this is gonna be difficult.

two films i'd like to bring to your attention:

the color palette of this film alone is enough to make it visually appealing, however get tim burton on anything and its pretty much blockbuster gold. well done tim, and johnny (seriously orange hair?) awright.

for the second film...

Another much anticipated film, is Maurice Sendak's adaptation of that great children's book we read under the sheets of our convertible ferrari bed's with a big flashlight. Here the trailer features a song off arcade fire's funeral album back in 2004 titled "wake up". song is powerful- gets the blood pumping and adds a cool unique twist to a movie that invites both the young and old to get lost in.

both trailers courtesy of Trailer Addict

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  1. I hope that the movie Where the wild things are make the editors here in Brazil prublish the original book... Buy foreng books here is too expensive.
    I know, sorry... ^^
    Make a double language blog is an project for soon as possible