Friday, February 5, 2010

<>>///young man asked for water and they gave'im gasoline

<>itseh music post, how great, i know how much all of you love these ones.
but this is special...yup thats my attempt at a hook-
a  y o u n g   m a n, say about 20 years old, is out there in chicago with a mic and a mac 
...creating all kinds of good
 i bring you
  b o y.

<>>//much in the same way that patrick watson and animal collective leave sounds echoing in your head minutes after its clock-out,  this young man has done the same. my hat goes off to you shortie. try to keep it real when you're out there playing in paris in a few weeks...opening up for local natives. <<< ugh..thas'nother great band

just a growlin (chromatic flights remix)



>>// should the swelling in your ears amount to something and you want to take a break by hearing more- bring it to youtube where originals are found floatin about- give "jacob" a shot, song kiersten holine wrote feat. young man's colin caulfield...yah i know right? not holden.


  1. i lovee animal collective


  2. Cool songs, I didn´t know him before...

  3. cool music feature!

  4. your posts are freaking awesome
    i love the mix of music fashion and art
    always been obsessed with finding new unknown and weird artists and the style you write in is so fun