Wednesday, February 17, 2010


<>>//i like milk. like how it associates itself with the words- bones and fresh. reminds me of childhood. used to update me on what lucky kid in my neighborhood was missing, but we have facebook now.  and the color is tasteful. 
and hi but-does anybody drink milk anymore? 

milkmen from britain and ireland, and europe used to deliver milk every mornin fresh. with door-to-door service in glass bottles,  ridin around town in vehicles appropriately named- the milk float (do glance at that last picture for symbiotic reference). kinda got me thinking that someday soon the mailman is gonna be just as dated- archived in the past, just like mr. milkman. 

drink more milk.
write more letters.
drink milk and write some letters.
write more milk and drink more letters.


  1. Interesting connection between milk in glass bottles and letters and the somewhat old-school nature of both. I have to admit that i've never experienced milk delivered in glass bottles.

  2. I drink at least 500ml a day

    It makes me feel strong

  3. i used to drink more milk than water as a kid.
    these images are beautiful! x

  4. Thank you for the comment!
    I really hope that the mailman won't become dated. There's nothing like receiving a letter in your mailbox. Love the first photograph!

  5. OMG i looooooove milk. milk and water (and alchohol ahem) are the only things i drink. however, i have recently become lactose intolerant so i am now drinking lactaid milk...

  6. I can't drink milk by itself.. I can only have it in cereal or with cookies or brownies or something.. lol!

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  7. I drink milk! Ice cold milk is so delicious..mmmm xo

  8. ahah, the first two photos are awesome. And I agree - drink more milk! I try to drink like 2 - 3 glasses a day. It's so good when it's ice cold, especially with cookies :D

  9. hey, i 'stumbled' upon that couch! i love it so much, want it for my house someday

  10. great asocciations!!

    I would be glad to see you in my blog!))
    n i'm ur new follower by the way!)

  11. I absolutely love how you cohesively mix film, art, fashion and culture into threads. the images used are intriguing and inspired. and naturally this particular post is a good one while I sip away at a milky latte. Keep in touch!

  12. Mmmm I love milk if it weren't so fatty I would drink gallons of the stuff! I used to love sucking the cream from the top of the bottle!

  13. your blog is so unique! :) and thanks for checking out my post!

    i actually hate milk (i'm alll about soy!), but this post makes it seem not that bad. i love this concept you came up with.

    i look forward to future posts!

  14. wow this is such an amazing post especially the last two shots!