Thursday, January 14, 2010

SCREEN CAPS: how to marry a milli

<><>>///check out some screen caps from "how to marry a millionaire"...i guess the first step is to actually look like one.  its stars an absolute weakness of mine- lauren bacall///and you could pretty much watch this film from 1953 on mute and still feel like you got your netflix instant play's worth.

regarding the ridiculously tasteful fashions of the film, an academy award was given in 1954 to the costume designers, Charles LeMaire and sir William Travilla

also-APPARENTLY. nicole kidman bought the rights and is set to be producing---ehh possibly staring <<>>>> in the remake.


  1. Agreed, Lauren Bacall is one of most talented and stylish actors of her generation. I shudder to even consider a Nicole Kidman remake.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. saw some like it hot during the holidays and had the same thought.

    plus the inevitable: 'they don't make them like that anymore'...


  3. love the set of that rooftop scene! I want to be there with them:)

  4. nice screenshoots and good info, let´s see if they do the remake ;)


  5. love each screen cap ! they are so beautful ! love that pink dress !

    p.s. checkin out the rest of ur blog and love it !

  6. I love this movie, reminds me I need to see it again! Greta screen grabs (-:

  7. whhaaa? i didnt know they were doing a remake!! i havent seen it yet and ive been meaning to. but i know how much of a classic it is and itll be absolutely horrible if they remade it. arrgh!

  8. Nicole Kidman, eh?

    She's pretty versatile, but tends to fall a little flat in comedies. If you think about 'Stepford Wives' and that 'I Dream of Genie' atrocity, they were not her best.

    Regarding Miss Monroe, these screenshots look just as awesome as you describe. I'm going to watch it on Netflix right now, as a matter of fact. Thanks!