Tuesday, November 3, 2009


i'm sure i was one of the few who was left behind when this jewel decided to circulate the masses, for all those out there who havent seen it...oh man. directed by fabien baron (editoral director of interview magazine), this ysl short was shown in european countries, failing to show in america-as it didnt leave much to the imagination. what they did leave to the imagination however? who was the man responsible for getting the olfactory senses in motion...

also if you guys are bored and 2 am rolls by, and you happen to have this on repeat nearing double digits-kinda similar to me, its pretty interesting to turn off the volume, and watch it with songs from my playlist. check it out with the department of eagles song "piano in the bathtub", and noonday underground's "london." not bad eh, the cuts are pretty spot on. ok i gotta stop. no more. damnit kate.


  1. did i tell you i gave you a blog award? i think i forgot!! haha.
    anyway i did.

  2. I had a big problem with getting the pictures to be bigger at first too. But now I put them in a picasa web album and then add them to my blog from there instead of adding them from my desktop. I hope it helps ! :)

  3. haha re the nypd story! i especially like the part where you fail to recall whether you made a mad dash for it or not. bless, as the brits would say...

    i had a mildly panicky weekend re work, which i decided to tackle straight on by buying the weekend guardian and then the observer, as well as the latest wallpaper, get in bed with a bowl of M&Ms and some movies just in case i find myself feeling bored, and vegitate.

    got whisked away to an amazing old manor hotel (2 minutes down the road from my place, i might add) by the bf for anniversary yesterday. after 24 hours in utopia, feels slightly strange to be back in the world again!

    p.s. man, amazing ad...
    p.p.s. i haven't gotten any annoying emails from yeasayer yet for signing up to download the song, so i don't think it will be that bad if you sign up too!

  4. oooo i love the coal + pale pink color palette. it's actually much sweeter to your playlist though! love the blog + will have to follow xo

  5. I really don't like this one.. usually like the kate moss-commercials.. but this one's just tacky.

  6. oh my god. kate is so amorous!!

  7. Kate Moss never ceases to amaze me. She is goregeous.