Thursday, October 22, 2009

have yourself a mad men morning...

the other day i went to a thrift store and almost instantly upon arriving i knew it was a waste of time, it smelled like a '94 volvo that had been sitting in the sun too long, there were too many old ladies complaining, i stepped on gum, however-- while waiting for a friend to purchase her goods, i noticed these glass jars and thought - how perfectly mad men they were, the steel labels were beautifully etched out to read "vodka, gin and scotch"- might as well have read, "breakfast, lunch and dinner". the best part was that they were originally 20 bucks, but everything was half off so 10 bucks for all three, ohh and i picked up some beach boys and cat stevens vinyl both 50 cents.  not a bad day at t'all, i guess i should fill these bad boys up.


  1. Love them! I actually own some very similar but I got them at Pottery Barn which is not nearly as cool as a $10.00 vintage find. Plus you made out with some Cat Stevens..never a bad thing.

    I love your entire blog by the way. It's so beautiful. The words, the pictures, the music, everything.

  2. These are amazing, what a great find!