Wednesday, October 7, 2009

for your ears own good

p a t r i ckwatsonnostawck i r t a p
take a moment give these albums a good listen, its been a long time since i've been able to listen to an album from start to finish but i did it kids.  wooden arms is the most recent from the four-piece band. the songs create a mood that almost feel like i'm weaving in and out of sleep, or just took too much drowsy meds, in any case, watson definitely has his own style, that can be heard in both his voice, and the music he creates.

interesting shit?
  • in the song beijing he played a mode of transportation i am quite familiar with, "bicycle" who knew it could be used as an instrument as well
  • raised in quebec he worked as a pool and hot tub water anaylst
  • his band in high school was called gangster politics

oh yeah thats right...he's also kinda hot.

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  1. this photo reminds me of my boyfriends photography!! you should take a look, you may like it. btw, most of his music photography is up atm, keep an eye out on our blogs for our fashion shoots and that. still a lot to update!! but always too busy. x