Thursday, October 29, 2009

because spike jonze can do these things, and kanye is great at...

"We Were Once A Fairytale" - Kanye West Dir: Spike Jonze 

spike jonze fresh off of where the wild things are, is a new short film with the same theme, except the little boy running wild with the crown is now kanye, he's so good at playing himself. hope you like it the effects are awesome feel like im right there with him-cringing and drunk. was supposed to be released sept 8th but for reasons we all know we'llah let him finish.


  1. That's cool. Thanks for sharing that. Hope you're having a good day.

  2. Wow, very awesome. Cringing indeed, very sad.

    Kayne is a great actor.

  3. haha, interesting video. i love sparklers.
    yeah i know! maybe i'll wear a veil out tomorrow. start a trend.

  4. hahah i understand completely what youre saying. yeah the story and film itself was a bit unfinished and everything. but i just tried to judge it by the intent of the filmmakers.

    and whoa, that short was insane. i cannot kanye as a person but his music is bearable. i wouldve loved it, if it wasnt kanye. but honestly spike jonze can dooo nooo wrong.

  5. Spike Jonze and Kanye, what a fantastic combination!
    I hadn't see this before and absolutely loved it. Kanye's incredibly good in his own drunk role...

  6. Spike and Kanye both need help. Kanye needs to stop drinking and harassing teenage girls...and Poor Spike, I think he's tortured. I mean, the poor guy took Where the Wild Things are - a child's book and turned it into the biggest emo fest I have ever seen. Children who are the appropriate age for the book certainly could not understand the movie. Artistic, yes. But...he should've given the movie a different title.

    Kanye is a good actor - I think he has had many years to practice as his own understudy of being drunk.

    Geez, is this comment long enough?

    Great post though - thank you for sharing!